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1. How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Tampa Bay AirFest features free parking and free admission. Keep in mind, with a limited number of parking spots available to the general public, RVs and oversized vehicles (e.g. vehicles that can’t fit into a standard parking space) will not be allowed into AirFest. Premium Tickets can be purchase via Airshow Network (not affiliated with MacDill AFB) at the link above.

2. I have small children. Can I bring a stroller, diaper bag, or change of clothes?

Yes. Strollers and diaper bags are authorized and will be hand-searched at the security checkpoint. Please bring only necessary items in the diaper bag. Also please consider hearing protection for small children.  There will be a diaper changing station available near Hangar 2.

3. Can I bring my camera, video camera, or cell phone?

Yes. There are no security restrictions on these items. However, large camera bags are not permitted. Bring only necessary camera equipment and leave extra attachments at home. A small fanny pack or vest is useful for carrying small lenses. Keep in mind that everything is subject to search.

4. Can I bring food?

Small snacks are fine as long as they are not in glass containers. Ice chests or coolers are not authorized (except small coolers for medical supplies or infant formula purposes).  Waist packs and backpacks will be allowed but will be searched for alcohol or contraband. All items are subject to search/approval by security personnel.

5.Will there be any food or souvenirs available?

Yes. There will be food, drinks, and souvenirs available for purchase.

6. Can I bring in containers to fill with chilled water?

Absolutely and we encourage visitors to bring empty plastic refillable containers to maintain hydration.  Free chilled water will be available throughout the display area.

7. Can I bring animals to AirFest?

Service dogs are the only animals permitted into Tampa Bay AirFest.  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability.  No other animals will be permitted, including emotional support animals. Emotional support animals have not been trained to adapt in the extremely loud and explosive nature of an airshow. If you choose to leave your animal in your car while you enter AirFest, our trained Security Forces personnel will issue you a rather expensive ticket and break your vehicle window to ensure your animal is not exposed to high temperatures.

8. Will there be handicapped parking available?

There will be limited handicapped parking available on a first-come-first-served basis.  Only vehicles with an official disabled person parking permit or license plate will be allowed to park in the designated handicapped parking area.

9. Can I leave and re-enter AirFest?

Yes. You may leave and re-enter as many times as desired. Anyone re-entering will have to go through the security checkpoint again.

10. Is tailgating allowed?


11. Is smoking / vaping allowed?

Yes, but only in designated areas and never near any aircraft.

12. Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Alcoholic beverages may be purchased at AirFest. You may NOT bring alcoholic beverages into AirFest.

13. Do I need a military ID?

No, this event is open to the public.

14. Will restroom facilities be easily accessible?

Yes. Portable restrooms will be located throughout AirFest.

15. Can I take pictures or get autographs?

Yes. Many of the performers make themselves available for autographs and pictures during the show.

16. Will it be necessary to have hearing protection?

Due to the fact that the “Sound of Freedom” can be rather loud, it is highly encouraged that you bring hearing protection – especially for children.

17. Which day will the Thunderbirds be performing?

The Thunderbirds will perform their amazing demonstrations on both Friday and Saturday.

18. Will there be shade?

There are limited areas of shade available throughout the flight line. You can take a walk through one of our larger static displays or take break from the sun in our Hangar 3 display area.

19. What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain some flying demonstrations may be delayed. Unless the weather poses a serious threat to the safety of our visitors and participants, the show will proceed as scheduled with some modifications.  In the event of an Air Show cancellation or delayed opening, announcements will be coordinated with local news agencies and disseminated via Social Media channels with information as it becomes available.

20. Are umbrellas allowed at the air show?

Small rain umbrellas are fine to bring (the small ones that fit in a purse), but large golf umbrellas or shade umbrellas are banned as they may block the view of spectators behind you.

21. What type of medical services will be available?

First aid only will be provided such as oral hydration, treatment for minor cuts and bruises, and application of emergency medications (ex. Epi-pens). Medical personnel will stabilize and coordinate transportation to higher level of care for all other injuries/illnesses.

22. Can I park my boat in the water off of MacDill and watch the show?

Yes you can.  Warning – do not enter the clearly marked MacDill Exclusion Zone surrounding MacDill AFB.  You will receive a very expensive ticket (no warnings are given).  For more information on the exclusion zone visit website HERE.  Want to know more about the performers you are watching from your boat?  You can stream our on-site video board broadcast on the MacDill Facebook site.

23. Who can I call for additional information?

For ticket information, please call (813) 725-1795,  or email us at communityrelations@us.af.mil

24. Can I use ride share services?

Due to personnel and logistics issues with the provider, mass transportation for Tampa Bay AirFest 2024 will not be authorized for AirFest weekend - March 29-30, 2024 (Fri/Sat).  We are also discouraging guests from using ride share services.  Given the limited number of entry and exit points to AirFest we have found that ride share services struggle both with drop-off and pick-up of AirFest guests.  Tampa Bay AirFest encourages guests to use their own personal transportation and highly encourages guests to carpool. AirFest guests may ride their bicycles to AirFest (helmets must be worn on MacDill Air Force Base & bicycle locks are recommended).  Please only ride your bicycles through the MacDill Ave gate.

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